In which I blatantly steal from Judd

Posted: March 19, 2010 in friday
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Because theft, in addition to being the greatest form of flattery, is also a solid basis for a blog post.

Reading: Trail of Cthulhu. I finished Book 7 of the Dresden Files earlier in the week, but have been unable to get into Dust of Dreams. However, the purchase of Rough Magicks has gotten me to revisit ToC, and I find myself really engaged by the Pillars of Sanity and Sources of Stability mechanics. Very interesting flags for a game of cosmic horror, as they’re basically flags in the “capture the flag” sense. And by capture, I mean burn.

Planning: The logistics of moving. And my next post for this blog. 4e Suicide Squad or the Covenant Foundation?

Wearing: Jeans, button down shirt. It’s a working Friday.

Writing: This post, and soon posts for my other two blogs.


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