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We stood aloof from the world, and paid the price of indifference in ruined Citadels, in Etharchs laid low or sailed West.

We will not err so again.

Most of those who remain walk the wilderlands as we did when the stars were young and the sun and moon unbirthed. But not all.

There are seven Companies of the Stars left in these lands, of the hundred whose banners once decorated our Courts. Each takes a turn maintaining one of the three Wilderland Freeholds to offer succor and protection to those who wander. The other four take service in the lands of Man and Dwarf and Orc.

For we will not err so again.

I got a shipment of Burners (Magic, Monster, and Adventure) at the end of last week, and took all five Burning Wheel books with me for our long weekend on Seneca Lake. This is one of the things that came to me as I read through them.

Mechanically, this says that Elves can only take lifepaths from the Wilderlands and Protector settings. While trips into the Elven Wilderlands are possibly, most interactions with Elves in the wider world are with members of the four Companies serving abroad. Currently, the Companies of the Raven, the Spear Unbroken, and the Jaguar so serve, along with one other named by any Elf player(s) who doesn’t dig on one of those names.

This idea percolated up from a few different sources:

  • Thinking about the setting effects that come about when you restrict lifepaths.
  • Reading about the Forgotten Realms BW game Judd’s running, and pondering what happens when you put Tolkienesque Elves into decidedly non-Tolkien settings.
  • The commentary (I think from the Adventure Burner) on how the assumed setting of the Human lifepaths is the beginning of the age of the mercenary company. “What if,” I thought, “humans set up their merc companies in imitation of the Elves?”
  • The notion that one race might be living in its own post-apocalypse, while the rest of the world is oblivious to it.

Amusingly, this idea is utterly incompatible with the solo BW I’ll hopefully be running soon. But I’d love to find a way to see it get some use. Possible campaign/PC concepts:

  • Obviously, the PCs could play members of one of the Outland Companies, in service to some non-Elf nation.
  • Alternately, “last survivor(s) of a routed Company” is a concept with legs.
  • I also like the notion of playing a squad from one of the Freehold Companies, sent out into the wider world to meet up with an Outland Company, collect treasure from them, and then use that treasure to trade with Dwarves and Humans for necessities to bring back to the Wilderlands.

Some potential there, I think.