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So, Judd sent out a link to this tweet:

And I wondered how young they’d make Bruce, and mentioned that I’d totally read the story of how an Encyclopedia Brown-esque tween Bruce Wayne solved a brutal triple homicide. Then this popped out of my brain, and Judd told me to inflict it on you all:

Prescott Belmont’s fist slams into my gut like a freight train, and suddenly I’ve got no air.

Stupid little kid.

Belmont has just the sort of body I wish he didn’t have, having hit a growth spurt over the summer and gained thirty pounds of muscle to go with the new height. My estimates suggest that I’ll be taller than him by ninth grade, but crime won’t wait that long.

I wait for the kick I know is coming, but when I can hear again past the blood rushing in my ears it’s just Vice-Principal Conklin’s voice, telling Belmont to back off. The banker’s son pops his collar up and struts away. I still don’t know any more about what happened at Old Man Wilson’s saw mill, but at least I won’t be in the nurse’s office all afternoon.

Stupid little kid. Lucky little kid.

The moral of the story is: blame Judd.

EDIT: As suggested by Josh on Google+, I am considering changing “Old Man Wilson’s saw mill” to “Old Man Napier’s condemned chemical plant”.


The Bat of Barathi

Posted: May 4, 2010 in characters, S7S
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Inspired by re-reading Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies and by the following image (shared with me by Judd):

Many rumors surround the pirate known as the Bat of Barathi. Some claim he is the last scion of a small house destroyed by a particularly ugly vendetta; others claim his parents were slain by pirates, or even by a corrupt captain of the Imperial Navy. Some even speak of years spent traveling from cloud island to cloud island, learning from Viridese warmasters, Colronan Sandmen, even Sha-Ku ruqriders. Such obvious falsehoods are scoffed at by the reasonable, and even the most credulous listeners discount the notion that he spent time as a Royalist musketeer… but they often repeat the legend, just the same.

What is known beyond doubt is that the Bat is a terror of the Seven Skies, his black-sailed Grey Ghost falling upon merchant and naval vessel alike. And if the captains of these vessels share a… morally questionable nature, well, surely that’s mere coincidence. The tales of his exploits have spread throughout the cloud islands since, oddly, his victims are always left alive (albeit penniless and humiliated). His crew is nearly as storied as he: many tell of the ferocity and skill of his Night’s Wing boarding parties, and their leader the Black Robin. Some even claim that his first mate is a peerless wielder of the Merhorse’s Gift, and a woman to boot!

Regardless of which tales are true and which are false, the sundry rewards for the capture of the Bat are enough to send many ship captains who value wealth and status onto the Ghost‘s trail; the amount of gold offered by Markiz Donaldo Vanadi alone for the Bat’s head beggars belief. Whether such a venture would truly be in the service of justice is another matter entirely.

The Bat of Barathi
Foible: Does not kill
Motivation: Revenge [+2]
Nationality: Barathi [+4]
Past: Esoteric and varied training [+4]
Swashbuckling Forte: Martial arts [+6] (Techniques: When Outnumbered, vs. Criminals, While Masked)
Other fortes: Strategy and tactics [+4] (Technique: Calculating), Grey Ghost [+6] (Vehicle: Skyship [+4], Stealthy [+2], Fast [+2])
Style Dice: 7
Training Points: 3