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So, Judd sent out a link to this tweet:

And I wondered how young they’d make Bruce, and mentioned that I’d totally read the story of how an Encyclopedia Brown-esque tween Bruce Wayne solved a brutal triple homicide. Then this popped out of my brain, and Judd told me to inflict it on you all:

Prescott Belmont’s fist slams into my gut like a freight train, and suddenly I’ve got no air.

Stupid little kid.

Belmont has just the sort of body I wish he didn’t have, having hit a growth spurt over the summer and gained thirty pounds of muscle to go with the new height. My estimates suggest that I’ll be taller than him by ninth grade, but crime won’t wait that long.

I wait for the kick I know is coming, but when I can hear again past the blood rushing in my ears it’s just Vice-Principal Conklin’s voice, telling Belmont to back off. The banker’s son pops his collar up and struts away. I still don’t know any more about what happened at Old Man Wilson’s saw mill, but at least I won’t be in the nurse’s office all afternoon.

Stupid little kid. Lucky little kid.

The moral of the story is: blame Judd.

EDIT: As suggested by Josh on Google+, I am considering changing “Old Man Wilson’s saw mill” to “Old Man Napier’s condemned chemical plant”.