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The Friday thing

Posted: March 27, 2010 in friday
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Reading: Still dipping into Dust of Dreams from time to time, but I’ve been tearing up Trail of Cthulhu, and this has prompted me to drag my Delta Green books off the shelf. Which is a terrible idea after dark.

Planning: A bunch of WoW stuff, honestly. Tightening up specs, re-doing professions, etc. Of course, for some reason I can’t log on…

Wearing: The sweater I wore to work and my favorite pajama bottoms.

Writing: Toying with the follow-up post to 4e Suicide Squad.


Because theft, in addition to being the greatest form of flattery, is also a solid basis for a blog post.

Reading: Trail of Cthulhu. I finished Book 7 of the Dresden Files earlier in the week, but have been unable to get into Dust of Dreams. However, the purchase of Rough Magicks has gotten me to revisit ToC, and I find myself really engaged by the Pillars of Sanity and Sources of Stability mechanics. Very interesting flags for a game of cosmic horror, as they’re basically flags in the “capture the flag” sense. And by capture, I mean burn.

Planning: The logistics of moving. And my next post for this blog. 4e Suicide Squad or the Covenant Foundation?

Wearing: Jeans, button down shirt. It’s a working Friday.

Writing: This post, and soon posts for my other two blogs.