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Over at Nascent Librarian, I posted my thoughts about the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie being based on the excellent Tim Powers novel On Stranger Tides. As I learned about Powers from the truly amazing RPG Unknown Armies, I’m quasi-cross-posting it here, too. Check it out.

In addition to the admonition to buy Tim Powers’ books that the NL readership gets, this crew gets the added command to go buy Unknown Armies. I ran a short campaign of it over the summer, and damn if it doesn’t hold up and then some. I recommend it without reservation.


More Friday

Posted: May 28, 2010 in friday
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Hopefully, I’ll have something more obviously game-related to post over the next week. See below.

Reading: The Ravenor omnibus by Dan Abnett. I am something of a sucker for 40k fluff fiction, especially anything Abnett writes about an Inquisitor; he hits this pulpy gothic sci-fi vibe that feels really unique, and then writes the hell out of it. Loved Eisenhorn, and Ravenor‘s definitely keeping up with his erstwhile mentor.

Planning: An Unknown Armies game for tomorrow night, which is awesome. Also another weekend of old apartment cleaning, as our lease runs out on Monday.

Writing: Nothing. But I need to start writing an outline for a journal article; the inner workings of that will likely be discussed in Nascent, if they’re discussed anywhere.

Note: I cut “Wearing” from the list because there’s only so many times I can write, “Jeans and a button-down shirt”. Casual Fridays in an academic library don’t really inspire my sartorial creativity.